Men's Glow in the Dark Wedding Bands

Glow in the Dark Men's Wedding Bands

Stylish, durable, and stunning. We are excited to present these creative pieces that are unlike anything else. Inspired by the vibrancy of the city and pulsing nightlife, our gorgeous glow in the dark men's wedding band will remind you of the energy, bustle, and excitement of the urban metropolitan life. Our master craftsmen have engineered our glow in the dark men’s wedding bands to embody the best of what glow technology has to offer. Each glow-in-the-dark color has a unique glow property. For instance, yellow glow rings tend to glow brighter and longer than red rings, with green, orange, blue, and purple options glowing somewhere in-between. Our handsome, non-traditional glow wedding bands are perfect for the man who wants something just a little bit different than the usual gold and silver band, but doesn't want it to shine obviously while he's in the office or out running errands. The subtle contrast is just enough to be exciting and unusual but not gaudy or shocking. Most of these rings also contain beautiful interwoven carbon fiber, which adds to the ring's appeal. Each fiber of the carbon is beautifully woven together and culminates in an intricate display of strength and detail. Just like your love, these glow-in-the-dark men's wedding rings are carefully built to last a lifetime. Durability is always a top consideration when selecting a wedding bands, and we've started the hard work for you by choosing the best selection of men's wedding bands available.

We've optimized our rings for the longest glow time possible, and what's more, they are as durable as they are beautiful. These unique pieces are truly exceptional and have an amazing allure, unlike traditional bands. Their glow in the dark interior, coupled with their contemporary design, is taken to the next level by a luminescent material that brings each ring to life. Whether you use a flashlight or hold your band up to UV light, you can be assured of a brighter radiance each time. These rings are guaranteed to charge whenever they are exposed to any source of light, daylight included. What’s more, our bands come in an array of exciting colors to fit your personal style. Beyond our rings’ astonishing glow, they are also crafted with an ultra-durable material, carbon fiber, that is resistant to scuffs and scratches. We use a variety of deep-black carbon fiber to create a striking contrast with the glowing interiors. Carbon fiber is also thin and lightweight, making it incredibly comfortable for everyday wear. Vansweden Jewelers glow in the dark wedding bands are standout fashionable pieces that you’ll wear proudly even after you walk down the aisle. Their distinctive style is proof of our innovative craftsmanship. The glow in the interior calls attention to the bands in darker rooms or in the evenings. Our rings offer the best of both worlds—subtle when needed but wild when desired. They are truly in a class of their own.