Men's Wood Wedding Bands

Wood Men's Wedding Bands

Let this beautiful collection of men's wood wedding rings take you in for a moment as you browse the unique and personalized options Vansweden Jewelers has to offer you. From the exotic Hawaiian Koa wood to the deep reds and dark browns found in our Padauk wood, we are excited to present any wood ring for men that you could hope to find. Wood is paired with a variety of contemporary, traditional, and alternative metal wedding bands that mix effortlessly to create a men's wood wedding ring worthy of the wondrous relationship it represents.

Each of these men's wood wedding rings stand nobly to represent the person and relationship that have brought magic into your life. Through your partner, you see the world through different eyes and when all else seems to exhaust and frustrate you, they breathe life back into your soul. In all walks of life, wood holds a special meaning. In most fairy tales, it holds magical and healing properties based on the type used different traits and characteristics seem to manifest with it. Though we see things through a more logical lens these days, it's impossible to refute that without trees, there would be no life, they breath back into the world the life giving air we require to stay alive. If that isn’t magic, what is? By the breath given to us by nature and vegetation, you asked your better half the question that will change your lives and solidify the wondrous direction life has gifted you with.