Wedding Bands and Rings for Sale

Wedding Bands for Sale

Mahogany, Walnut, Koa, Whiskey Barrel, Ebony, Ash, Oak, and more.

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Men's rings with different wood inlays sitting aton rocks and moss.

Traditional Men's Wedding Bands

...with a twist

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Men's wedding bands in various styles displayed upright on a mirror-like surface.

Unique Materials

Deer Antler, Dinosaur Bone, Exotic Woods, Goldstone, and more.

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Rings for men with brown, black, and turquoise inlays styled on a reflective surface.

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How to Choose Couple's Rings

How to Choose Couple's Rings

Couple's rings are a powerful symbol of the bond and commitment that you share with your partner. Couple's matching ring sets can symbolize your commitment, your wedding, an anniversary, or a promise to each other. The perfect set of rings should elegantly and naturally represent your love for your soul mate, and with all of the options available today, the perfect set is just waiting for you t…
Men's Wedding Band Metals

Men's Wedding Band Metals

Learn about the contemporary and traditional metals used in modern men's wedding rings. Damascus steel, carbon fiber, ceramic, cobalt, tungsten, titanium, gold in hues of white, yellow, rose. Grooms today don't have to choose from a couple of types of plain domed rings in gold or silver. There are so many options available in an endless combination of styles, colors, gemstones, and materia…