Wedding Band Materials

Metals & Materials for Men's Wedding Bands

Ceramic Men's Wedding Bands

Men's wedding bands made from black ceramic give a touch of darkness to otherwise classic silhouettes. Ceramic is extremely durable and difficult to scratch. It can also be cracked or broken in case of an emergency which is an absolute must for any man or woman who works with his or her hands. Ceramic is a popular choice for mechanics, landscapers, and office workers alike. Ceramic is available in black, white, and other colors, but black ceramic is by far the most common band color when it comes to this versatile metal. Because it is a popular material, a wide range of inlay materials are available and ready-made, set in a gorgeous black ceramic band. Many rings are also available in a variety of widths, ranging from 2mm to 20mm in width. Sizes can be found from as small as a size 2.5 and up to 15.0 or higher. 

Cobalt Men's Wedding Bands

Cobalt rings have a sparkling, polished, bright look and are an excellent choice for a traditional-looking ring. These rings are extremely scratch-resistant and durable which keeps them looking brand new for years to come. Cobalt's color is a brighter silver than titanium or tungsten and is more similar to white gold than most other contemporary metal rings. Rings made from cobalt are lighter in weight than tungsten. Although cobalt is one of the less popular alternative metal rings available today, it can still be found in a variety of rings including domed, flat, traditional, inlaid, and more. Cobalt wedding bands are available for both men and women. 

Titanium Men's Wedding Bands

One of the newest metals in the men's wedding bands category, titanium is a low-cost metal which makes it an attractive option. It looks similar to tungsten and many couples end up ultimately deciding between tungsten and titanium rings. Titanium is lighter weight and less expensive, although it is less scratch-resistant than tungsten. Most beautiful inlays are available with titanium rings.

Tungsten Carbide Men's Wedding Bands

Tungsten is the most popular of the contemporary and alternative metal wedding bands for men. One of the hardest metals known to man, it is very scratch-resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for any man who works with his hands. It can also be shattered, cracked, or broken in case of an emergency. Tungsten is a relatively heavy metal that weighs more than comparable metals such as gold or titanium. Many couples prefer the heavy weight of tungsten which is a sign of both durability and quality; it is also symbolic of the heaviness of true love and a lifelong marriage. Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide are interchangeable when it comes to jewelry; tungsten is made into an alloy or "tungsten carbide" in order to allow it to be shaped and created into jewelry. 

Gold Men's Wedding Bands

Available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold varieties, gold is the classic material for both men's and women's bands. The beauty and shine of gold can't be matched by other materials. The symbolism and tradition associated with gold wedding bands is often an important reason that couples choose gold over other materials.