Unique Men's Wedding Bands

Collection: Unique Men's Wedding Bands

With this selection of men’s unique rings, grooms can choose from hundreds of unique wedding band styles. The wedding band has been remade, redone, and updated for men today. 

These rings are accented by features like grooves, interesting textures, surprising finishes, intricate gemstones, solitary diamonds, geometric touches, deep grooves, asymmetrical patterns, and more. Unique men’s wedding band designs in single colors, two-tone, and multi-colored hues are available to match your aesthetic. 

Find Your Style

Many of our most unique men’s wedding bands have additional metals or materials incorporated into the band on the inside lining or in an inlaid piece on the outside of the ring. Unique inlays include real prehistoric dinosaur bone, over a dozen types of genuine wood, opal in all of the colors of the rainbow, and shells

Rings also feature stone inlays in materials like blue lapis lazuli, black lava rock, and shimmering goldstone in a range of colors. Some of our men’s unique wedding bands include synthetic materials and inlaid designs, like honeycomb patterns, braided metal ropes, shimmering inlays, carbon fiber, aluminum, and more. 

Even the metals are unique: tungsten, titanium, ceramic, and carbon fiber are the stars of the show in the lineup of unique men’s wedding rings. 

A Unique Wedding Ring He’ll Love

While much of the emphasis on wedding jewelry falls on engagement rings and classic gold wedding bands, the groom also deserves a ring he’ll never want to take off. You know your partner best, and finding him a unique men’s wedding band is sure to be a highlight of the wedding planning process.

Let your groom show off his personal style or passions with a one-of-a-kind wedding band. These rings are anything but boring. From intricate designs to bold colors, your partner will cherish their unique wedding ring for the years to come.

More Men’s Wedding Bands

Seeking something a little more traditional for your groom? We also offer a selection of men’s wedding bands in classic materials such as yellow gold, sterling silver, damascus steel, white gold, and rose gold. Easily shop men’s wedding bands by material to begin getting ideas for what your partner may prefer.

A solid gold ring is a durable option and can easily be combined with unique materials to create a one-of-a-kind gold band. The eye-catching precious metals are complemented by our special inlays and additions chosen by our master craftsmen.

At Vansweden Jewelers, our rings feature free expedited shipping, easy exchanges and returns, and our five-star customer service. Shop our full selection of unique men’s wedding bands and more today.