Ring Sizing

Ordering a ring online can be intimidating, especially when it comes to sizing. There are plenty of ways to find your ring size at home. You can order a free ring sizer from Vansweden Jewelers, measure a ring that you currently have with a ruler, or print a paper ring sizer.

Most of our contemporary metal rings are comfort fit rings. Comfort sizing isn't too complicated, but you may want to take a moment to read about it. Essentially, if you're ordering an 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm ring and your ring size was based on a thin or standard-fit ring, you may want to order a half size smaller.

If you know your ring size, there is typically no need to double check before ordering. If you would like to find your size using a ring sizer, Vansweden Jewelers offers free ring sizers. This service does take approximately 4-7 business days to arrive to you, so if you need your ring in a hurry, another sizing method is best.

If you visit a jeweler in-person to find your size, ask for your size in a comfort fit ring (if applicable) and in the same width that you are planning to order.

Ring widths can make a bit of a difference on sizing, especially for very wide rings. You can read more about ring widths here. Wider bands fit slightly more snug than thinner bands. If you were sized for a 4mm width band, you may want to order a half-size up for a 8mm, 10mm, or wider band.


Your ring size can change over the course of your lifetime due to aging, weight changes, pregnancy, and other factors.

US ring sizing typically varies from size 2.5 to size 20.0. We offer many of our rings in these sizes, although availability in the smallest and largest sizes can be limited. Each ring lists the available sizes on the product page. If you need a ring that is outside of the listed range, feel free to reach out about custom sizing.

You can use a ruler and a ring you own to find your ring size. You can place a ring you already own over a ruler and measure the inside diameter, in millimeters, and match it up with the chart below. For instance, a ring that is about 21 millimeters in diameter is equivalent to size 11.5.

We use US ring sizing, but if you were measured in another country you can typically convert your size to the corresponding US size (for example, you can use your European or UK ring size to find your US size). If you fall between sizes, order the closest size, erring toward smaller rather than larger. We recommend that our international customers be sized by a jeweler for a comfort fit ring in the width you intend to order.