When, Where & Who Buys Couple's Rings

Weddings have endless traditions and prescribed roles that will have you looking up every “should” and “supposed to” that could come up during the planning phase. We're spelling out everything you need to know and answering all of your questions about couple's rings, including who buys them, when to choose them, and where to purchase them.

When should you buy couples rings?

The most common time to buy matching wedding bands is before a wedding or proposal. If your engagement begins traditionally, with one partner proposing to the other with an engagement ring, then you may be looking to purchase a wedding ring for the proposing partner as the wedding approaches. Selecting a ring at least a month in advance will give enough time for any needed resizing or changes. If your deadline is much sooner, some online jewelers, including Vansweden Jewelers, can deliver matching couple’s wedding rings as quickly as the next day.

If one spouse or soon-to-be-spouse has an elaborate ring, a secondary ring can be chosen to coordinate with the other spouse’s ring. Often, this is a simpler ring to wear for chores, gardening, work, or any time that the risk of losing or damaging a ring or its stones could be high. Having this simple or plain ring match the spouse’s ring is a good way to keep the connection between the rings, even when the engagement ring is set aside. For example, our customers Jim and Sarah got engaged when Jim proposed with an exquisite engagement ring featuring multiple diamonds in white gold. Jim didn’t select a ring for himself when shopping for Sarah’s ring, so they selected a men’s wedding ring for Jim after the proposal, before the wedding ceremony. At the same time, they ordered a matching tungsten women’s wedding band for Sarah so that she could wear it on their two-week honeymoon because Sarah didn’t want to wear her engagement ring for extended travel. Sarah plans to wear her simple tungsten ring for future trips, travel, and for chores that could damage her engagement ring.

Choosing a ring set later in a relationship is growing in popularity. People celebrating their first, fifth, or even fiftieth anniversaries are often looking for new rings as their lifestyles and tastes have changed. Perhaps the large solitaire ring that was so romantic years ago is now unwieldy for an active job as a healthcare professional or first responder. Sometimes a temporary change in circumstance, like a deployment or pregnancy, presents an opportunity to update both rings.

When selecting a set of couple's rings outside of a traditional timeline, like for a set of promise rings or just-because matching jewelry, couple's rings have limitless options. These ring sets allow partners commemorate memorable occasions while expressing love at any stage of their relationship. Engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings, and commitment rings are among the many types of couple's rings available. Each belongs to various phases of a relationship. It all comes down to the priorities and choices of the couple, what the rings will symbolize, and which traditions you choose to follow. No matter which you choose, couples rings are a romantic choice at any stage in a relationship.

Do couple's pick wedding rings together?

Yes, many do. One modern option for wedding rings is to have both partners shop for rings together before the proposal. For many couples, a formal proposal and traditional wedding timeline don’t fit with their personalities. For those who have already discussed their upcoming engagement, shopping together for rings is a smart choice. The exact rings can still be a surprise, as can the timing and details of the proposal. This allows each partner to fully choose their rings or to let the other person know what style of ring they prefer so that their ring will be something they truly love and enjoy wearing for many years to come.

Who buys couple's wedding rings?

When rings are purchased for engagement or wedding bands, there are some guidelines that you can choose to follow (or choose to break). Traditionally, each partner purchases the other person’s wedding ring. If family members are putting funds toward the wedding, they will traditionally chip in for the wedding ring for the partner who is joining their family.

Where to buy couple's rings?

Vansweden Jewelers offers a wide selection of couple’s matching wedding bands that allows for a much larger variety of choices than most local jewelry stores. Our rings are also unique and available in a huge amount of colors and metals. There are options to fit every budget and lifestyle. Take a look at our selection today.

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