How to Choose Couple's Rings

Couple's rings are a powerful symbol of the bond and commitment that you share with your partner. Couple's matching ring sets can symbolize your commitment, your wedding, an anniversary, or a promise to each other. The perfect set of rings should elegantly and naturally represent your love for your soul mate, and with all of the options available today, the perfect set is just waiting for you to discover it.

Matching ring sets for couple's come in a range of styles and are a perfect token to show your love for one another. Their exact significance varies between people. They can denote your love, act as a statement of unity within a relationship, serve as a physical reminder of your relationship while you are apart, or symbolize your wedding vows.

Love is a universal emotion, but tastes are not quite so uniform. When it comes to expressing your affection for the most important person in your life, choose matching couple’s rings that are as unique as your relationship. You can choose matching rings or mix the styles in a complementary pair. The options are endless.

Galaxy Couple's Ring Set

Wearing couple's rings, whether matching or not, is an intimate choice for many couples. It helps express their connection and intimacy. Others see it as an opportunity to make a meaningful promise to one another. They're a depiction and extension of a relationship. Certainly, it is a tangible way to recall love as it grows. The most crucial aspect is choosing wedding rings that truly reflect who the duo is and what they mean to each other.

Choosing Couple's Rings

Ring sets for couple's have that appeal and charm factor because you can openly express your feelings for the loved one. Although size, design, and pattern are essential considerations when selecting a couple's rings, going a step ahead with a stunningly different metal will make the rings extra special. The secret to choosing couple's rings that are perfect for you and your partner is to select rings that reflect your individuality.

Many aren’t sure where to start when shopping for and choosing couple's rings. The social expectations and traditions surrounding relationships and weddings make it doubly complicated. In addition to the ring details, people also wonder about who is supposed to pay for the wedding rings and what the traditions are regarding styles and options.

When everything is said and done, rings chosen based on a couple's wants and needs are what tend to make them the happiest in the long term, no matter what traditions may advise. If traditions fit into your lifestyles and preferences, keep them in mind when you’re making your selections. However, don’t feel obligated to abide by cultural standards. Overall it is more important to choose a couple's ring set that appropriately reflects the relationship's essence and sentiments.

Whether you choose a classic design or something more contemporary, there are a few things to think about when selecting your rings. Some key criteria include the style, the metal, and the occasion.

Style Options for Couple's Rings

Many people wonder whether or not their rings should coordinate with each other. The quick answer is no, but the lengthier, more sophisticated one delves further into your relationship. Although the concept of matching rings for couple's can seem a little outdated, it can be meaningful to many people. Make that choice if your lives are so in synchronization that matching rings depict your steadfast oneness.

Matching Couple’s Rings

There are a huge range of possibilities if you and your partner have opted for a matching ring set. Although husband and wife rings do not need to match perfectly, and neither do husband and husband rings, and wife and wife rings, traditional rings in the same exact style have remained a popular choice for eons and will continue that way forever. Even within the limits of a perfectly matched set consisting of the same ring style for both partners, there are thousands of different combinations.

Couple's Gold Ring Set

The first choice is usually color because that is what people tend to have the most preference about. You can choose a classic option like yellow gold, or go for a silver tone, rose gold, or even black as the main color. Newer options include blue, red, green, and more, so go wild if that is what matches your personalities the best. Once you know which color you’d like, you can get into the available metals. Gold is available in a huge range of shades and is a traditional choice. Rings that match each other perfectly in style do not have to be made of the same metal though; the wearer's choice of metal is entirely dependent on their preference in weight and their body's reactivity to particular metals, including any metal allergies.

Should wedding rings be the same metal? Contemporary metals like tungsten, titanium, and ceramic make excellent wedding bands for today’s relationships. These are ultra-durable metals that offer many more style options than you’ll find in rings made from traditional gold and silver. Our white tungsten matching couple’s ring set is one example of a perfectly matching set, and it offers flexibility for the ring widths which can be a necessary difference depending on the preferences and sizes of each partner. This gold couple’s matching ring set is crafted from tungsten, and the rings match each other completely, creating a perfect bond with your spouse.

You may like to incorporate materials or stones, such as diamonds, wood, mother of pearl, antler, or opal. If you’d like a second material in your bands, there are hundreds of options to choose from.

Finishing options like patterns, textures, grooves, engravings, and personalized touches are available, so don’t be afraid to look at ultra-unique sets until you find the one that really fits you both perfectly.

Practicality is of great importance as well. Because you'll most likely wear your rings all the time, make sure they're appropriate for regular use. If everyday activities will interfere with the rings you want, it’s perfectly modern and acceptable to select a plain style to wear while at work, gardening, traveling, or any other activity where you’d like to keep your rings safely tucked away. 

Many of our ring sets, including this black ceramic and rosewood couple’s ring set, can be personalized with your own unique messages.  Some opt to have the same message and font engraved inside both rings, and others have a unique message for each ring. An inside joke, each other’s names, or the date you were married or the day you met are just a few ideas of the possibilities that are available to you for ring engraving messages.

Complementary Couple’s Rings

One of several updated customs is choosing couple's rings that complement but do not match each other exactly. Complementary ring styles make room for rings that innately will be unique and personal for the wearer. If you consider how to coordinate rings in tone and metal rather than exact design, you can still instill a sense of togetherness with complementary rings. Choosing the same metal with a diamond in one ring and no stone in the other, for instance, creates a wonderful complementary ring set. This is your first step into the world of collaboration that will help your relationship thrive and flourish. Consider how the rings complement each other and satisfy both of your desires.

Choosing different rings might be a statement of your uniqueness. You and your partner stick together regardless of your differences, or ways of thinking, or because your disparities add to the lovely complexity of your relationship. In the end, there is no set standard that dictates whether or not the rings should match. If you’d rather opt for rings that complement each other without being a perfect match, choose something that appeals to both of your personalities and way of life while being similar. This rose gold titanium couple’s complementary wedding band set, for example, consists of two wedding bands which are coordinated perfectly for each other. Both rings are rose gold in color and are undeniably a set, although they are not an exact match for the other. The more dainty ring is encrusted with diamonds and the more masculine ring has a brushed, matte finish.

Vansweden Jewelers is a go-to online store for unique couple’s matching rings. We have a plethora of options in varied styles, patterns, and metals, including rings crafted from tungsten, ceramic, and titanium. These adornments are not just ornate but offer longevity. If you are searching for something different and uncommon, we have it all.

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