Customized Ring Details & Instructions

Customized Ring Instructions

We are proud to offer personalized ring engraving that is completely unique to you. When you choose a customized ring option, no one else on earth will have the same ring. Please read the instructions below to complete your order.

Please note that we must receive your engraving details before we can process your order. You may upload the engraving file when you order the ring or send it to us later at when you order. If we do not receive the engraving details from you when you order, we will contact you via email with the instructions.

If you have any questions about this process get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Fingerprint Rings

To engrave your fingerprint on your ring, please send a photo of one of your fingerprints. To create the fingerprints, you will need an ink stamp (black works best) and a white piece of paper. Ink your finger and then press it straight down on the paper. Do not roll your finger. Practice your fingerprints several (10 or more) times and then choose your favorite. Take a large, clear photo of the fingerprint in good light and upload the file when you order or send it to If you can't choose your favorite photo, feel free to send the best photos and we will choose the best one.

Handwritten Rings

To have your handwriting engraved on your ring, first choose what you'd like to have engraved. Popular choices are a sentimental message such as "I Love You" or "I Do." Any message you would like is fine. Next, write your message on a white piece of paper with black ink. Practice as many times as you would like until you have a version you are happy with. Take a large, clear photo of the handwriting in good light and upload it when you order or send it to

Custom Fonts & Handwritten Engraving

Vansweden Jewelers can engrave most custom fonts or your own handwritten message inside most rings. Just contact us with the name of ring you are considering and let us know which custom font or handwriting you would like. You can contact us using our Contact Us page or email us at