Women's Brushed & Textured Wedding Bands

Brushed & Textured Women's Wedding Bands

Some people are all about the shiny stuff, the items that catch attention because how can they not. But then there are others who appreciate the more subtle and long lasting intrigue. Those who see something for its unique flavor, or exquisite texture and long to be near it for the sheer fact that it is different than other things they’ve encountered. Fate brought you together, physical attraction stoked the flames but it was those little details that made you linger long enough to fall in love with the twines you’ve entangled. The stories you’ve built together and the trails you’ve blazed are as intricate and meaningful as the Brushed and Textured Women's Wedding bands featured on this page. Our variety of metals range from domed tungsten carbide with a deep textured and brushed finish to flat sleek black ceramic women’s wedding rings boasting a slender brushed finish. For those who appreciate extra spice we offer a great selection of textured and brushed wedding bands with unique inlays such as warm polished rose gold encased in strong brushed tungsten. Vansweden Jewelers carry a variety of tungsten dome brushed wedding bands that feature a single diamond accent. And a gorgeous popular Tungsten spinner ring with roman numerals engraved into its face. This collection is sure to please both now and for as long as your ever after lasts. We wish you an eternity of happiness and growth as you enter into this new chapter!