Customized Chocolate Wood Wedding Ring Box


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The difference between mediocre and outstanding is sometimes very small. You know those memorable people who you almost always seem to have in mind? Well, today we'll let you into their secret; the extra mile. That's it. Going that extra mile that nobody really even cares to remember. These are the kind of people who buy a shirt but have the presence of mind to get it wrapped in pins and ironed before they gift it, because the how is more important than the why, when it comes to gifting and presentation. Will you step your presentation game up with this Customized Chocolate Wood Wedding Ring Box?

To order this ring box, first select the desired style (A through L) from the photos shown. Next, enter the text you would like engraved, following along with the style you chose. For example, select style A and then enter L & S 12.12.2017. Your box will be engraved with the same fonts and style shown in the sample. If you would like the text format, style, or font to differ from the example, just get in touch with us! We can accommodate a large variety of requests.