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Super Mario Bros Wedding Bands

If you want unique, look no further. This selection of Super Mario Brother's themed wedding bands is just about as different as you can get in wedding bands. Nintendo's classic original Super Mario Bros game was many people's first introduction to video games in general, and as such it holds a special nostalgic place in the hearts of many couples. The plumber and his brother Luigi have been through many Nintendo adventures throughout the years and the extensive franchise, but nothing can replace the first level of the original game. The characters of today, Mario included, hardly bear a resemblance to the tiny pixelated character of the original games, but it's not often that someone requests a modern-looking Mario character be engraved on their wedding band. These tungsten men's wedding bands are created from the hardest, most durable and scratch-resistant metal available. That means you can go swimming, fishing, hunting, or play video games all day and you don't need to worry about it scratching, denting, or dulling. Spinning men's Mario wedding bands are also available. The spinning is subtle on these tungsten rings but it allows for a satisfying fidget whenever desired. For the NES nerd, you can't go wrong with these unique, nostalgic rings. Plus, every time you look at your wedding band the 8-bit theme song straight out of the 80s will start playing in your head, and that's a bonus you won't find with any other design.