Since first entering the scene ceramic rings have proven to be extremely popular. For more reasons than simply their sleek expression and the lovely dynamic they create when paired with other meaningful materials. Ceramic is an increasing trend due to its durability, if you work with your hands daily, if your hobbies consist of athletics, hiking, or anything that requires you get your hands dirty this ring may be your perfect fit. Due to its nature ceramic wedding bands have a unique ability to maintain their integrity with all the strength of titanium or tungsten, but they are exceedingly popular for men working in the industries of firefighting, construction, military, and engineering because unlike most Men’s wedding ring materials, ceramic rings will shatter under pressure so they can be easily removed. This is great for safety and has been said to save many a finger during on-the-job incidents. 

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Apheidas Black Ceramic Ring with Green Inlay from Vansweden Jewelers

Apheidas Black Ceramic Ring with Green Inlay

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