Wedding Band Widths Comparison

When shopping for a wedding band, the main choices outside of the actual wedding band style are the size and the width. If you're curious about sizing, Vansweden Jewelers covers ring sizing here. As far as the wedding band width, however, there is a lot to consider.

Ring Widths

Rings range in width from a single millimeter to 20 or more in width. At Vansweden Jewelers, we offer rings from 2mm wide all the way to 20mm. 


Width Gender Typical Size Range
2mm Women favor 2 - 10
4mm Unisex; women favor 3 - 12
6mm Unisex 4 - 14
8mm Unisex; men favor 4 - 15
10mm Men favor 6 - 15
12mm Men favor 6 - 15
20mm Men favor 6 - 15

2mm Wide Wedding Bands

Extremely dainty, the 2mm width wedding band has a unique look. It is so thin that it cannot be inlaid with other materials and is typically made from just tungsten, ceramic, or another metal. The 2mm rings are usually exclusively available in smaller sizes and usually aren't found above size 10. This is often considered extra-thin or extra-small.

4mm Wide Wedding Bands

The 4mm wedding band width option is unisex, although women tend to favor this small ring width. Some wedding bands of this width are able to accommodate thin inlays which appear unique and delicate.

6mm Wide Wedding Bands

This wedding ring width is universal and unisex. It is wide enough for a small inlay of your chosen material and isn't overwhelming on your hand. 

8mm Wide Wedding Bands

The most popular wedding band width is 8mm. Most men prefer the way this width feels on their finger, and it is available in a width range of sizes. The width also allows for a substantial amount of inlay material which is great for showing off the characteristics of the wood, antler, or other inlay. 

10mm Wide Wedding Bands

This ring width provides room to really show off any unique inlays, or act as a canvas for stunning engraved images or scenery. Fingerprints, handprints, and footprints

12mm Width Wedding Bands

One of the largest bands we offer, the 12mm width is a perfect fit for anyone who prefers a more substantial ring. This is an especially perfect width for rings sizes 11 and up, which are sturdy and more comfortable on the finger when paired with a 12mm width. This wider option can be unwieldy for small ring sizes and can be difficult to find in sizes smaller than 6 or 7.

20mm Wide Wedding Bands

Extra-wide wedding bands of 20mm widths or more are just as unique as the 2mm width rings at the opposite end of the scale. These rings are substantially wide and will overwhelm your hand visually; these are perfect for the gentleman who likes the wider feel. These are also often worn as fashion rings as they are quite noticeable and found in handsome, noticeable designs and patterns.