Men's Wedding Band Metals

Learn about the contemporary and traditional metals used in modern men's wedding rings. Damascus steel, carbon fiber, ceramic, cobalt, tungsten, titanium, gold in hues of white, yellow, rose. Grooms today don't have to choose from a couple of types of plain domed rings in gold or silver. There are so many options available in an endless combination of styles, colors, gemstones, and materials. Every groom can find something he truly loves to wear every day.
Below you'll find information on the different types of materials available for wedding bands. If you'd like to browse the styles available for each, you can see our men's wedding band metals, men's ring inlays, ring styles, and ring materials.

Men's Ceramic Wedding Bands
Black Ceramic Ring

Men's wedding bands made from black ceramic give a touch of darkness to otherwise classic silhouettes. While technically not a metal, ceramic acts as a durable base for jewelry that is second to none when it comes to black rings that won't show scratches easily. Ceramic is extremely durable and difficult to scratch. Ceramic is a popular choice for mechanics, landscapers, and office workers alike. Ceramic is available in black, white, pink, and other colors, but black ceramic is by far the most common band color when it comes to this versatile material. Because it is a popular material, a wide range of inlay materials are available and ready-made, set in a gorgeous black ceramic band.


Men's Carbon Fiber Rings

Men's Carbon Fiber Ring
Carbon fiber is one of the more out-there materials for men's wedding bands. Carbon fiber has a unique woven design and is practically weightless while remaining incredibly strong. Typically found in industrial uses like airplanes and spacecraft, rings made from carbon fiber are popular with engineers and other people looking to incorporate a little tech in their ring. The woven fibers are intricate enough to capture attention and provide a lot of visual interest, but subtle enough to be classy.

Men's Cobalt Wedding Bands

Men's Cobalt Wedding RingCobalt rings have a sparkling, polished, bright look and are an excellent choice for a traditional-looking ring. These rings are extremely scratch-resistant and durable which keeps them looking brand new for years to come. Cobalt's color is a brighter silver than titanium or tungsten and is more similar to white gold than most other contemporary metal rings. Rings made from cobalt are lighter in weight than tungsten. Although cobalt is one of the less popular alternative metal rings available today, it can still be found in a variety of rings including domed, flat, traditional, inlaid, and more. Cobalt is very affordable compared to other alternative metals, such as platinum or palladium, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget. Despite being less well-known than other metals, cobalt wedding bands are an excellent choice for men who want a ring that is both stylish and durable, without breaking the bank.


Men's Damascus Steel Wedding Bands

Men's Damascus Steel Ring
There's something undeniably special about Damascus steel. Forged through ancient traditions, this type of steel boasts a texture that is unlike any other that makes it perfect for jewelry, especially wedding bands. The practice, which involves the blending styles of stainless steel, spans centuries. The process of putting the steel together creates wave-like patterns that are intricate and intriguing. Damascus steel wedding bands stand out as a shining example of the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

Men's Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Men's Rose Gold Wedding Bands
Rose gold is a hue that exudes luxury and elegance. It has a warmth and richness that is difficult to match, making it an excellent choice for men who want a ring that is both stylish and unique. In recent years, this classic material has seen a resurgence in popularity, especially in the world of jewelry where it is being used in creative and innovative ways. The trend of partially-matching or complimentary couple's rings has also contributed to its rising popularity, as it offers a romantic and sentimental touch that is hard to resist. The warm tones are enticing and the look is unique enough that it is a true attention-grabber. Rose gold can be combined with a wide range of other materials, such as diamonds, silver, or even wood, to create a one-of-a-kind ring that perfectly reflects the wearer's personality and style.

Men's Titanium Wedding Bands

Men's Titanium Ring

Titanium is quickly becoming one of the most popular metals for men's wedding bands. Its low cost and modern aesthetic make it a highly attractive option for couples who want a stylish ring that won't break the bank. Titanium offers a number of unique benefits that make it a stand-out choice for many. One of the key advantages of titanium is its lightweight feel. Unlike tungsten, which can feel heavy and cumbersome, titanium is incredibly comfortable to wear. This makes it an excellent choice for those who lead an active lifestyle or simply want a ring that won't weigh them down. In addition to its affordability and lightweight feel, titanium offers a wide range of inlay options that can be customized to suit any style or taste. From intricate designs to bold and simple patterns, there are endless possibilities for creating a one-of-a-kind wedding band that truly reflects your personality and style.

Men's Tungsten Wedding Bands

Men's Tungsten Wedding Bands
Tungsten is the most popular of the contemporary and alternative metal wedding bands for men. One of the hardest metals known to man, it is very scratch-resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for any man who works with his hands. Tungsten is a relatively heavy metal that weighs more than comparable metals such as gold or titanium. Many men prefer the heavy weight of tungsten which is a sign of both durability and quality; it is also symbolic of the heaviness of true love and a lifelong marriage. In addition to its scratch-resistance and durability, tungsten also has a distinctive and modern look that appeals to many men. Its high-polish shine and dark color give it an edge over more traditional metals like gold or silver. This makes it an excellent choice for men who want a wedding band that reflects their individual style and personality. Tungsten rings are also available in a wide range of styles and designs, from simple and understated to bold and eye-catching. With so many options to choose from, it's easy to find a tungsten ring that perfectly complements your personal taste and style.

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands

14k White Gold Men's Ring

White gold wedding bands have been a popular choice for generations, and it's not hard to see why. The glimmer and shine of white gold is simply captivating, and it's a material that never goes out of style. Whether you're looking for a classic and timeless design or something a little more contemporary, white gold is a versatile material that can suit any taste or style.

The bright and lustrous metal is truly stunning in person, and its beauty only seems to grow with time. It's easy to understand why so many couples choose white gold wedding bands as a symbol of their love and commitment - they're simply gorgeous. With endless options for styles, incorporated materials, and unique gemstones, there is no shortage of creativity and innovation in the world of white gold wedding bands.

One of the great things about white gold is its ability to complement and enhance other materials. Whether you choose to incorporate diamonds, precious stones, or other metals, white gold provides the perfect backdrop to showcase these elements. It's a material that can be as simple or as ornate as you want it to be, making it a popular choice for everything from minimalist designs to maximalist statement rings.

Men's Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Men's Yellow Gold RingYellow gold is the quintessential material for both men's and women's wedding bands. Its beauty and shine are simply unmatched by any other material. There's something undeniably special about the warmth and radiance of gold, making it a popular choice for those who want a ring that is both stunning and timeless.

Beyond its beauty, the symbolism and tradition associated with gold wedding bands is often an important reason why couples choose this material over others. Gold has long been associated with wealth, prosperity, and success, making it an ideal choice for those who want to celebrate their love and commitment with a symbol that is both meaningful and powerful.

The enduring appeal of yellow gold is due in part to its versatility. It can be worn with almost any outfit, and it complements a wide range of styles and tastes. From simple and classic designs to more elaborate and intricate pieces, yellow gold wedding bands offer endless possibilities for customization and personalization.

For those who are concerned about durability and longevity, yellow gold is an excellent choice. It's a material that is known for its resilience and strength, making it ideal for everyday wear. With proper care and maintenance, a yellow gold wedding band can last a lifetime, becoming a treasured heirloom that can be passed down through generations. The symbolism and tradition associated with gold wedding bands is often an important reason that couples choose gold over other materials.


Men's Zirconium Wedding Bands

Men's Zirconium Wedding BandZirconium rings have a unique look that is darker with a more muted finish. Zirconium is known for its durability and scratch-resistance, making it an excellent choice for those who want a ring that can withstand everyday wear and tear. It is a lightweight metal that is incredibly comfortable to wear. Zirconium men's rings are available in a variety of finishes and styles, from brushed or matte to high-polish or textured. With so many options to choose from, it's easy to find a zirconium ring that perfectly reflects your unique sense of style and personality. Whether you're looking for a simple, understated design or something more bold and eye-catching, zirconium rings offer endless possibilities for customization and personalization.


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