Women's Other Animal Wedding Bands

Animal Themed Women's Wedding Bands

How fitting that each of these animal themes be portrayed in this wonderful collection of Tungsten style women’s rings, perfect for all occasions from Vansweden Jewelers is happy to present our ‘other animals’ women’s ring collection, full of unique animals that don't fit the other categories. Before America fully developed into what we know today, there were fields and valleys full of wild beasts, of buffalo, known for their majestic strength and unique configuration. To the native cultures they meant life. They meant another season of successful hunting and abundance for their people. Their coats protection meant teepees could be built and clothing and blankets fashioned without them their tribes would have never flourished. Cheetahs are among the most impressive of the big cat varieties, known for their grace, agility and speed. Snakes stand as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, many an artistic depiction has them whispering the secrets of the world into a woman’s ear. In modern society they are used to symbolize health as seen in the symbol for the medical field. special moments with friends, to gifts to those you wish to keep close to your heart. The colorful inlays offer a fun variety to always remind its wearer of their wild and spunky side. While the engraved buffalo in both grey and black silhouettes on silver and black tungsten bands speaks to a deeper bond with nature. These wedding rings are sure to please anyone with a wild heart and a free spirit.