Women's Birds & Ducks Themed Wedding Bands

Bird & Duck Themed Women's Wedding Bands

Before there were airplanes, birds ruled the skies. These skyborne aviators have graced us with their lighthearted songs, and inspired we humans to pursue our desire to fly up and join them in the clouds. Before their were boats, it was ducks and geese who mastered the waters surface and inspired us find ways to float, a feat which led us to traverse the deep blue boldly. Where there is nature there is potential, and limitless possibilities but somehow given the right circumstances we find exactly what it is we set out to find. Because you appreciate this notion as well, you see potential in everything. This series of Bird and Duck themed Women’s wedding rings are the perfect reminder that together, you’ve gained your wings and together, no body of water can stop you from the adventure the two of you promise to cook up. We offer selections with engraved women’s wedding bands featuring webbed footprints to signify the exciting new journey you’ve set your hearts intentions upon. The intricate designs of quail prints embrace the face of polished black tungsten in our Mimas Quail Bird Print piece. For those who enjoy more novel and modern themes we also carry spinner wedding bands that feature beautiful scene of birds flying. The truth is, when he got down on his knee, asked you to spend the rest of your life as his wife, he set your soul free. May Vansweden Jewelers, woman's wedding ring variety always remind you of the intimate moments in your journey that make your heart flutter.