Men's Goldstone Inlay Wedding Bands

Goldstone Men's Wedding Bands

Goldstone is one of the few materials that can create visual depth in a ring inlay. Sometimes referred to as galaxy rings, these are an excellent option for a man who wants a contemporary look with a subtle pop, an astronomer, or anyone who appreciates the look of these gorgeous inlaid rings. Choose from purple, green, and orange genuine goldstone inlays make these rings one-of-a-kind, as no inlay is quite like another. Our tungsten goldstone inlaid wedding bands and our and ceramic goldstone inlaid wedding bands are all ready to ship, and our 14k gold goldstone inlaid wedding bands are made to order. Making it to the list of the most popular jewelry in history, goldstone is still one of the most sought-after stones, more so when it comes to lifelong unions. We proudly present this exceptional collection of artisan-crafted rings for men. Our sterling rings come in a wide variety of materials from black ceramic to tungsten, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, and 14k rose gold. All our pieces carry their own distinct sparkle and energy. And, they will always remind you of the bright, brilliant night skies with beautiful stars. Every stone has a story—it is believed that goldstone was discovered by Italian Monks who split molten copper into molten glass. The result was metal particles that were suspended in glass, creating the sparkle. Our collection of goldstone bands come in an array of colors, is sleek, and has a very clean look. Goldstone is an uplifting stone that attracts positive energy, reduces tension, and enhances motivation. This gem increases self-worth, raises self-esteem, and stabilizes emotions. Our pieces will boost your confidence and help you feel more in control of your life. Goldstone gives a stabilizing and grounding effect. So, if you ever feel clouded with negative thoughts or overwhelmed with emotions, this stone will restore your balance. Browse our collection of goldstone inlay men’s wedding rings designed to commemorate one of the most special moments of your life— your wedding day. Our stunning wedding bands allow you to break free from plain, traditional rings. If you’re a groom seeking simple elegance and a lifetime of style, goldstone rings offer that and so much more. The unique composition and chaste purity of our pieces are sure to be noticed and get you lots of compliments. Vansweden Jewelers master craftsmen have ensured that every band has its own individual look. Further, our rings will feel great on the finger and are perfect for everyday wear. If you are going to pick a ring that will last a lifetime, why not select one that’s exclusive to you? Love sparkles and glitters, and so a goldstone wedding band is for you.