Other Inlays

If you are someone who likes to brand your own style then this ring set is definitely for you. The vibrant colors and unique finishes make each piece stand out on its own. The materials crafting these men’s wedding bands are full of variety and pleasant surprises as well. From Tungsten's mighty hold, to the glimmer of yellow and rose gold. These are the perfect containers for memories not yet told. And those you already keep near to your heart. They remind you of the color your soulmate has brought into your life, the moments of gold spent in a warm rosy embrace. When you look at this ring, you see her face. Radiating from its resting place, at the heart of each of these well constructed wedding bands is inlaid a colorful assortment of precious materials on high demand. These modern sparkling inlays pronounce each look in a remarkable way! Relaying the message you wish to remind yourself of from day to day.