Achlys Rounded Black Tungsten Carbide Ring from Vansweden Jewelers

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Achlys Black Tungsten Wedding Band

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Ring Details

  • Material: Black Tungsten Carbide
  • Finish: Polished
  • Band Style: Domed
  • Processing time: Ships next business day
  • Shipping: Free FedEx 2 business day shipping
  • Fit: Comfort Fit


What do we think of when love is involved? In matters of the heart what we associate with how we feel varies as vastly as the meaning behind the color black. Some see it as the void of color, the absence of feeling, but anyone who has truly felt love knows that simply isn't true. The polished black tungsten of this wedding band represents so much more. The feeling of longing in the absence of the one you've shared your heart with. The abyss of endless possibilities you've found within her loving eyes. And the eternal torch you intend to carry to lighten her path, until death finds you sweetly intertwined. May a long life of togetherness precede that beautiful moment.