Aether Pipe Cut Tungsten Carbide Ring from Vansweden Jewelers

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Aether Pipe Cut Tungsten Carbide Ring

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Our cities, our infrastructures, our vehicles, everything that we have built as a human race depend on the strength and integrity of the materials they are comprised of. What a gift they have given us, without each other to depend on life wouldn't seem so stable. Without one another it may feel as though everything around you would crumble down in the blink of an eye. Because of your support, your love, and your abundant desire to see that the other is smiling back not just with their lips but through the gateway to their soul. The day you find yourself at the altar, looking into one another, may this ring remind you of the strength and integrity you stand upon. The inseverable bond matches that of the tungsten band your everlasting symbol of love is made of.

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Finish: Polished

Weight: 2 -4 grams